We welcome you to St. Michael the Archangel Auction, SOAR 2020, Strengthening Our Future.

Our Community

Our families, parishioners, and businesses in the area always look forward to this night and the blessings of so much support.

Your Help

Through your loyalty, we can gratefully say, that our last auction was a record-breaking event earning $145,000 for the school!  Can we do it again? Or maybe this year, expect to Soar into even greater earnings?  We can with your help!

The Auction Fund 2020

Every auction takes on the task of earning money to improve the learning environment for our students and staff.  Sometimes that is through new technology, energy-efficient enhancements, building improvements or new curriculums.  This auction, we are addressing something that is greatly needed in our modern times.  As we build the moral leaders of the future, we must also protect them.  Each child and staff member should be able to come to school knowing that the love inside our walls is protected.  The Soar 2020 Auction will raise money for new security measures to keep those that we cherish most, safe.

With your support we can add new internal and external security cameras, new technology to sustain security measures, and new barrier doors for outside and inside entrances.  Our school building is a 75-year-old seasoned “friend” that will also require electrical updates to enhance these additions.  

With heartfelt gratitude,
we thank you for your continued support for St. Michael the Archangel,

Monsignor William Tindall, Pastor   & Mrs. Kuszczak, Principal

The St. Michael Auction Committee:
Amy Bonser, Irene Lind, Lolly O’Neill, Amy Yoho & Doreen Zappia

St. Michael Auction is a tax-exempt 501(c) 3 organization.